About Me

My name is Matthew Cowley and I am a third year Politics and Economics student at the University of Southampton. I’m an experienced debater and public speaker, and a long-suffering fan of Southampton Football Club.

I am the Media Director of The Mallard for Conservative Students (www.mallarduk.com), Joint Honours Officer at the University of Southampton Students’ Union and the President of the Southampton North Conservative Future. In 2016/17 I was President of the Southampton Debating Union and the Southampton University Conservative Association, and in 2016 I founded and led Southampton Students for Britain during the EU referendum.

Matt’s Musings started as a campaign tool to express my views through my ‘Musings on Europe’, but now acts as an archive of pieces that I’ve written for a plethora of sites across the internet. If you’re interested in getting in touch with me about a writing opportunity, please contact me at matthewcowley97@gmail.com.

My 280 character musings can be found on Twitter at @matcow7.